A Flatbed Truck Driver’s Guide to America’s Best Places


Tell Us About Your Favorite Places

Ask anyone in the business, their answer is the same.  A truck driver ALWAYS knows the best spots!  Whether you want a good meal, a picture perfect sunset, the prettiest states to drive through or the scoop on unique roadside attractions, the truck drivers in your life will have something to offer you.

In this post, we want all of our flatbed truck drivers to pitch in and tell us about all the best places that we are missing out on.

Consider each of the following:
• Best diners, local restaurants, and unique places to eat
• Best roads for sunrises, sunsets and amazing scenery
• Most unique roadside monuments, buildings, attractions or structures

If you are participating via facebook, feel free to send us a FB private message and include some of your best photos – and we’ll share them.

We want to see the world through your eyes!