Anthony Oliver — September 2019


Congratulations to Anthony Oliver, our P&S Flatbed Driver of the Month for September 2019.

Anthony has been with P&S Transportation since May 2013, and this year he received his 6-year Safety Award. He regularly does well in his internal log audits and also regularly completes his online training.

Anthony’s Driver manager, Kellye Tedder, had this to say about him: “I count on drivers like Anthony Oliver who safely deliver day in and day out. Anthony continues to do what every safety director asks. If I ask for photos to make sure he is secured properly, I get them with no questions asked. If he sees another driver who isn’t properly secured, he will bring it to their attention to help work as a team to correct it. Anthony understands and believes in Safety at all times.”

Please help us in congratulating Anthony Oliver in receiving the September 2019 Driver of the Month award!