April 2021 — Flatbed Driver of the Month

Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Richard D., our P&S Transportation April 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month!

Richard has been a part of the P&S Transportation fleet since October 2020, and is a graduate of our 6-week training program! Richard’s performance all around has been exceptional since he was hired, and this is reflected in many ways. His recent log audit was fantastic and Richard was recognized for receiving a clean inspection during Road Check 2021! Richard’s announcement is an honor to compose, as so many people have spoken up in recognition of his great work and great attitude. Here are a few of the nominations he received.

“I would like to nominate Richard D. from the New Jersey terminal. You will never meet a more motivated driver and a person more cut out to do this job. This driver takes time every load to get trailers repaired – he does not leave issues for other drivers. He was a 6 week trainee grad and has been a model since the beginning. This driver will send me pictures of his loads, or help other drivers with loads. He sends me trailer issues and never complains, he just chugs along because he genuinely likes working here and being a part of the team. I’m very proud of him. He also just received a clean level 2 inspection during Road Check 2021! Richard is a top user of the Trailer Repair App and will do his part to keep other drivers from having downtime, at his own expense.” – Ray H., Safety Manager, Carlisle Training Center

“Richard came to us as a student. He is very particular about doing things correctly. I was very pleased with his work and I know he has a lot of potential. I coached him for about 3 months.” – Albert K., Driver Manager, NJ Terminal

“Rich is one of my best guys! Besides the fact that he’s nice to everyone he meets and takes more pride in his job than anyone I know. He is a work horse! He rarely takes extended layovers. He calls me every morning to let me know his objectives and goals for the day, and what he did for another driver the day before! He has so much confidence in how he keeps his equipment, securement, and organization, that he tries to get inspected to make P&S look good. Just this week he came back from a loss in the family and is full speed ahead! He notices every single detail… He will NEVER leave a trailer in bad condition for another driver. He is a model P&S driver (hopefully future trainer!) and deserves this accolade more than anyone!” – Robert P., Driver Manager, NJ Terminal

Please help us congratulate Richard D. on being awarded with P&S Transportation’s April 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month!

P&S Flatbed Driver of Month APRIL 2021