April 2022 Driver of the Month


P&S Transportation would like to congratulate driver Jason F. for being awarded as our April 2022 Driver of the Month!  Jason has been a valued driver with P&S Transportation since 2017 and has done an amazing job as part of our team!  He has not received a violation on a roadside inspection in the last 36 months.  He has a great attitude and a commitment to safety in his daily routines.  Just last month Jason received a 2 year safety award and he regularly has good internal log audits. 

Jason’s driver manager Tina had this to say about nominating him:  “Jason has been with P&S since 2017 and I just acquired him as a driver about 2 years ago and have had no issues with him at all.  Jason goes pretty much anywhere I send him as long as its in his perimeters that he likes to run.  He never questions my judgement because he knows I will look out for him on the flip side.  Jason always calls in to me if something doesn’t look or feel right about a load.  He sends his pictures faithfully of all his secured loads and dropped trailers as asked by all drivers.  Jason is easy to work with and never complains about much at all.  He makes all his deliveries on time without fail and is willing to help us out when push comes to shove on some time sensitive loads because I know he can make it happen to the best of his abilities and safely.”

Please help us congratulate Jason F. on being awarded P&S Transportation’s April 2022 Driver of the Month!