August 2022 Driver Safety Awards


Congratulations to all our drivers who received a Safe Driver Award for July 2022. To receive the award, a driver must go a minimum of 1 year without an accident, cargo claim or loss time, or  work place injury.  

DriverConsecutive Years Without Cargo Claim, Accident or Work Place Injury
Kenneth T.13 Years
Steven D.11 Years
Steaven E.10 Years
Donald C.10 Years
Juan H.9 Years
Jonathan K.9 Years
David McD.8 Years
Benjamin U.8 Years
Norman G.6 Years
Marshall McI.6 Years
Jamie R.6 Years
George T.5 Years
Alvin W.5 Years
Clarence T.5 Years
Richard H.4 Years
Ryan B.4 Years
Lemarrell J.4 Years
Stephen McG.4 Years
Claude B.4 Years
Justin P.4 Years
Jeremy W.4 Years
Riley S.3 Years
Neville J.3 Years
Marquis G.3 Years
Ronald C.3 Years
Tyal J.3 Years
Jimmy B.3 Years
Maurice L.3 Years
Joe R.3 Years
Brian S.3 Years
Jamaris C.2 Years
Carter A.2 Years
Robert W.2 Years
Kerry N.2 Years
Jason D.2 Years
Kelcey S.2 Years
Edwin T.2 Years
Victor J.2 Years
Raheem P.2 Years
David H.2 Years
Edmond D.2 Years
Joseph L.2 Years
John R.2 Years
Reginald S.2 Years
William T.2 Years
Quincy B.2 Years
Samuel L.2 Years
Michael S.2 Years
Corey F.2 Years
Elbert H.1 Year
Todd P.1 Year
Virgil J.1 Year
Derek C.1 Year
Bobby J.1 Year
Charles D.1 Year
Fausto R.1 Year
Rui A.1 Year
Charles E.1 Year
Erran J.1 Year
Stephen P.1 Year
Christopher D.  1 Year
John A.1 Year
Cherie Mcn.  1 Year
Jerry B.1 Year
Robin R.1 Year
Eddraius W.1 Year
Christopher C.1 Year
Charles E.1 Year
Dennis H.1 Year
Benjamin R.1 Year
Jeffrey V.1 Year
Darrell S.1 Year
Jacob C.1 Year
Patrick W.1 Year