Benjamin Upton — August 2017


Congratulations to Benjamin Upton for receiving the P&S Flatbed Driver of the Month Award for August 2017.

Benjamin has been employed with P&S Transportation since 08/13/2014, and just received a 3-year award this month for his safety performance.

Benjamin’s driver manager nominated him early in the process due to a phone call he received from another driver. In the nomination, the driver manager explained that Benjamin recently took time to help a new Orientation driver on his board.  Benjamin went above and beyond in helping this driver feel safe and secure while hauling the freight that the new driver would be assigned. He went on to explain that this “new driver” called in and complimented Benjamin and added that he was a wonderful asset to the company. In addition to this act of professionalism, Benjamin also received compliments from customers in which he volunteers to pre-load trailers.

This type of professionalism and teamwork is what separates P&S from other carriers. Ben is a great asset to P&S and one of the reasons that this company is great.

Thank you, Ben — and congrats!