Brian Manning — August 2015

Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Brian Manning for receiving August’s 2015 Flatbed Driver of the Month Award.

Brian Manning was nominated by his driver manager who stated that, “Brian is a low profile driver who flies under the radar but has all the characteristics of a professional driver.” He refers to him as the “sleeper” in his fleet. Here is a list of characteristics which led to his nomination:

1) Never complains
2) Never questions load destination
3) Always early
4) Excellent revenue
5) Maintains equipment
6) Family man
7) Never on the “missing log report”
8) No accidents
9) No claims
10) No unbilled orders
11) Never a bad inspection
12) Never a customer compliant

It is a pleasure to recognize this driver for his efforts and professionalism. Please take time to congratulate Brian on this award when you see him.