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Mobile Apps

At P&S we empower our drivers with information.

Our mobile app, available for Android and iPhone, puts our dispatch information at your fingertips. Dispatch data is no longer only within the cab, but also in your pocket! See your assignments, message your dispatcher and check on your settlements using your smartphone.

Click on the links below to download our app.


New Interface

Our PS Logistics app is getting a new look. This new interface has three big dials on the front page, a grid icon for all the additional pages, menu items, and shortcuts at the bottom of the page.

Driver Scorecard

The app now includes a driver scorecard view. We are displaying real-time metrics such as the Number of Loads, Freight Revenue, Loaded Miles driven, etc. These metrics are live and cumulative to the current week starting on Sunday. Some metrics also include how the driver ranks against peers in the same fleet.

The Score Card will also be complemented with a weekly summary email sent to drivers.

My Dispatcher

This menu item takes the driver to a page dynamically built of his/her contacts. It displays their Driver Manager, Maintenance Coordinator, and Safety Manager(*coming soon)

Pay & Settlement

The pay and settlement section of the app gives drivers access to their settlements, and custom built pages to ensure a smooth weekly paycheck.

Tools & Links

Additional tools to provide the driver access and visibility of our services. Access to all dates from the driver master file, including License expirations, Hazmat Training, D/A Clearing house date, and more. Up to date list of all shop locations in the PS Logistics network. Weather, DFG, and so much more!

Download Our Apps

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