Drive Cam — Coachable Behaviors

Tips regarding Drive Cam Coachable Behaviors such as handheld cell phones, violations with seatbelts, following too close, speeding, obstructing the interior lens and judgment errors. We welcome all thoughts from drivers regarding coachable behaviors corrected through Drive Cam events.

In Memory of Many….In Honor of All

This Veterans Day, we say “Thank You” to all Veterans and their families for your sacrifices. Two simple words, presented with the utmost honor and respect.

DriveCam – Triggering Events

DriveCam triggering events include hard braking, hard acceleration, cornering and collisions. The following article touches on these events to help drivers understand each trigger and to help avoid setting off your DriveCam.

Lytx DriveCam – Overview

As a Safety-first company, P&S Transportation has been incorporating DriveCams into our fleet since 2013. There are many reasons that DriveCams have proven to be beneficial to drivers and carriers alike.

Driving Safely Around Semi’s

Sharing the road with semi’s is a daily reality. It requires a basic understanding of both his truck and trailer, as well as the space immediately around him. In this blog we will share first-hand input from truck drivers themselves and give you a unique view of your own car – from his seat.

The 6 Most Common CSA Violations

Truck and trailer violations account for the majority of roadside violations and are often visually observed. They often lead to a more in-depth look at the driver and his vehicle once the stop has been made. Listed below are the three most…

Skid Control and Recovery Tips for Flatbed Drivers

Every good P&S Transportation driver knows that operating a CMV safely involves a wide range of knowledge which spans from carrying proper paper work, to abiding by hours of service laws, to proper freight securement, and managing time wisely for on-time deliveries. But …

Truck Drivers and Skin Damage — Years of Sun Exposure

As a professional flatbed truck driver, you get a lot of sun exposure every day, and it’s mostly to the left side of your face and your left arm. Here are some common myths about sun damage, and tips to help prevent.

Self-Driving Trucks Could Hit Highways by 2025!

If the self-driving Google cars impressed you, get ready to be mind-blown. Daimler Trucks recently demonstrated the very first Mercedes-Benz self-driving prototype on a closed section of the German autobahn. Will these trucks replace drivers — short answer is NO.

DAC Reports – Like a Credit Report for CDL Drivers

DAC reports contain your employment history, license verification and driving history, DOT physical results, and criminal background checks. They could also include additional information at the company’s request.