Colin South — May 2018


Congratulations to Colin South for receiving P&S Flatbed Driver of the Month Award for May 2018.

Colin has been operating as a company driver for P&S since February of 2016. His driver manager nominated him stating, “Colin is a joy to work with at P&S Transportation. He always has a good attitude and is willing to help out when needed. Colin is currently assigned to a dedicated run and has been very successful. Two of the reasons for the success is because he communicates well and delivers on time.”

This driver also understands all of the safety technology and is heavily involved in our safety programs. “Colin recently received a Good Driving Award through the Drive for Gold Program. He witnessed an accident that occurred in front of him and activated his DriveCam to record the incident. His quick thinking was very helpful in the accident investigation. In addition to understanding how DriveCam can benefit him and others, he takes advantage of the Drive for Gold training and the simulator training. His focus on safety has allowed him to remain accident / incident free during his time at P&S. He was recognized in February of 2018 for a 2-year safety award.”

Please help us in recognizing and congratulating Colin South for becoming P&S Transportation’s May 2018 Flatbed Driver of the Month. If you wish to send a congratulatory email to him, Colin’s email is