Consolidated Pipe & Supply

Case Studies

P&S responds to an emergency request for overnight delivery.

The customer challenge:

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, Consolidated Pipe & Supply (CPS) has been providing pipe for the oil & gas, construction and mining industries across America for over 50 years. The privately-owned company operates in 19 states. Its customers are demanding. Keeping their trust and their business means no late deliveries – in the pipe business, reliable service is paramount.

Late one evening, CPS received an emergency request for an overnight delivery of pipe. The customer’s usual supplier couldn’t meet the requirement. Jeff Hallmark, CPS’s Operations Manager, called P&S.

The P&S solution:

Within an hour, a P&S flatbed truck was in position in the CPS yard. The load was successfully delivered the next morning. P&S’s fast response helped CPS gain a long-term loyal customer.

Overall, P&S has been delivering loads for CPS at an impressive 99.5% on-time delivery rate. As a result of this level of performance, says Hallmark, CPS considers P&S “not just a carrier but a partner, a major part of our business.” He adds, “We’ve been shipping with P&S since it was founded in 2004. We value the P&S service, loyalty, commitment and friendship – hard to find in this day and age. They care and take care of us. We know we can call the P&S owners any time of day or night, and get responsive, 100% committed, exceptional service. This includes picking up last-minute loads.” According to Hallmark, P&S has helped fuel CPS’s growth by providing superior customer service and responsive customer care.

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