DAC Reports – Like a Credit Report for CDL Drivers


What You Should Know

Consider DAC reports like a credit report for CDL drivers.  Count on any potential employer to run your DAC report during your application process.

DAC reports contain your employment history, license verification and driving history, DOT physical results, and criminal background checks.  They could also include additional information at the company’s request.

Around 90% of medium to large trucking companies use DAC reports in their hiring process.

You are entitled to a free copy of your DAC report, to ensure what is reported is accurate.

You can dispute inaccurate information on your DAC report.

What is Listed on my DAC Report?

For each of your previous employers, the following information is typically listed:

  • License Number and information including restrictions and endorsements
  • Name and address of contributing company (employer) and date submitted
  • Employment record (on-the-job performance)
  • Driver Identification (Name, SSN, DOB)
  • Period of driver service (month and year)
  • Types of freight and trailers hauled
  • Reason for leaving
  • Eligibility for rehire

How to Dispute Information on your DAC

DAC reports are similar to credit reports, in the sense that a truck driver should always know what is reported on him.

Should you feel the need to dispute an entry on your DAC report, you can use any of the following means:

Phone:  (800) 381-0645
(Monday – Friday 7am to 7pm Central Time)

Fax:  (918) 664-5520

Attn: Consumers Department
14002 E 21st St, Suite 1200
Tulsa, OK 74134