December 2012: Rick Melvin

Driver of the Month

Rick is the first driver in P&S history to receive three nominations in one month. Load planners and driver managers recognized his outstanding work. Rick also had a perfect log audit in December.

Tina Flanagan: I have nominated Rick for a couple of months but I do believe he deserves this award for December. I have had the privilege of working with Rick as his payroll clerk when he was an owner-operator at a previous company and now as his dispatcher for P&S, and he has always been a hard, dedicated driver. No matter where you send him he never turns down a load and will do whatever needed to get you out of a bind. Rick repowered a load for us the Friday before Christmas going to Arkansas that the broker wanted delivered on December 26 at 7am. This driver left his family on Christmas day to have this load to the customer on time. When he arrived in Arkansas there had been a snow storm and the customer site was closed for two days. He sat for 2 days at a truck stop and never once complained, he just wanted to be safe. Rick is never late for deliveries and is always asking questions, making sure loads are safe and secure. I know we have a lot of good drivers but it really takes a GOOD one to leave his family on Christmas to work.

Charlotte Ritchey: Rick really helped us out over Christmas, and was where he said he would be at 7am the morning after Christmas even though it was a long way from home for him. Even though the weather did not cooperate, and he was stuck at the customer site waiting in the snow, he did it cheerfully.

Tina Dickens: Rick Melvin is one of those drivers that a load planer can count on no matter what. He will pull a short-haul customer load that no one wants, or even move a long-haul during Christmas to keep a customer happy. He is a 100 % Company Driver! It is a real pleasure to be able to plan him when he comes to my area. For Rick, it isn’t all about the money; it is about the company, and I think that is the way it should be.