December 2016 — Flatbed Driver Safety Awards


Congratulations to the drivers below for consecutive years without a cargo claim, an accident or workplace injury. Drivers are awarded during the month they were hired.

Please check your DFG balances!

Driver Years
James Morris 4 years
Robert Hallman 3 years
Reid Gunswalden 2 years
James Clegg 2 years
Jerry Lotts 2 years
Bruce Brown 2 years
Gerald Heckathorne 2 years
Robert Futrell 2 years
Charlie O’brien 2 years
Michael Adams 2 years
Detroy Jackson 1 year
Dexter Johnson 1 year
Darryl Slater 1 year
Garry Hampton 1 year
Michael Smith 1 year
Timothy Brown 1 year
James Gibson 1 year
James Mercer 1 year
Frank Smith 1 year
Steve Shawley 1 year
Robert Hyman 1 year
Murrell Bailey 1 year
Willie Dixon 1 year