December 2018 — Flatbed Driver Safety Award Winners


Congratulations to the drivers below for consecutive years without a cargo claim, an accident or workplace injury. Drivers are awarded during the anniversary month in which they were hired.

Drivers are awarded with Drive For Gold points. Please check your DFG balances!

Driver Years
Reid Gunwaldsen 4 years
Dexter Johnson 3 years
Darryl Slater 3 years
Garry Hampton 3 years
Timothy Brown 3 years
Murrell Bailey 3 years
Curtis Kent 3 years
James Pippen 2 years
Ismail Williams 2 years
Gregory Young 2 years
Collies Towns-Buchanon 2 years
Detroy Jackson 1 year
Timothy Wilson 1 year
Frank Smith 1 year
Calvin Smith 1 year
Pedequarm Bunkley 1 year
Lawrence Reddick 1 year
Gregory Welch 1 year
Alfred Barrios 1 year
Randall Besley 1 year
David Bourg 1 year
Benny Eakin 1 year
Gary Kuykendall 1 year
Dwight Dixon 1 year
Jeremy Jenkins 1 year