December 2021 — Flatbed Driver Safety Award Winners

Safety Awards

Congratulations to the flatbed drivers below for consecutive years without a cargo claim, an accident or workplace injury. Drivers are awarded during the anniversary month in which they were hired.

Drivers are awarded with Drive For Gold points. Please check your DFG balances!

Driver Years
Christopher S. 3 Years
Arphoenix L. 3 Years
Donald M. 3 Years
Reginald S. 3 Years
Dustin M. 3 Years
Reid G. 2 Years
Timothy B. 2 Years
Ismail W. 2 Years
Ronald M. 2 Years
Jeremy J. 2 Years
Romeca S. 2 Years
Gordon K. 2 Years
Willie R. 2 Years
Rocky M. 2 Years
Lloyd H. 2 Years
George S. 2 Years
Detroy J. 1 Year
Timothy W. 1 Year
Bolival H. 1 Year
Russell M. 1 Year
Clifford C. 1 Year
Shon R. 1 Year
Michael H. 1 Year
Terry M. 1 Year
Paul P. 1 Year
Brandon M. 1 Year
Justin W. 1 Year
Anthony C. 1 Year
Roger M. 1 Year
Michael E. 1 Year
Lamar G. 1 Year
Willie T. 1 Year
Kendel T. 1 Year

We also recognize flatbed drivers who deliver great!