December 2023 Driver Safety Awards


Congratulations to all our drivers who received a Safe Driver Award for December 2023. To receive the award, a driver must go a minimum of 1 year without an accident, cargo claim or loss time, or  work place injury.  

Arphoenix L.5 Years
Dustin M.5 Years
George S.4 Years
Rocky M.4 Years
Gordon K.4 Years
Detroy J.3 Years
Timothy W.3 Years
Bolival H.3 Years
Russell M.3 Years
Shon R.3 Years
Nicholas H.3 Years
Justin W.3 Years
Michael E.3 Years
Benny E.2 Years
Anthony A.2 Years
Calvin McD.2 Years
Steven McM.2 Years
Willie T.1 Year
Freddie B.1 Year
Drew C.1 Year
Tony W.1 Year
Bradley S.1 Year
Alex P.1 Year
David S.1 Year
Joseph King K.1 Year
Nicholas M-z1 Year
Marcquese D.1 Year
Mark S.1 Year
Timothy P.1 Year
Tyrone B.1 Year
Chaquita R.1 Year
Quinten N.1 Year
Wallace M.1 Year
Jeron H.1 Year
Howard D.1 Year
Jerome S.1 Year
Jamie S.1 Year
Jeffrey A.1 Year
Frankie T.1 Year
Tracy McQ.1 Year
Russtin J.1 Year
Curtis G.1 Year
Andre D.1 Year
Ameka M.1 Year
Brett S.1 Year
Leonie P.1 Year
Jaquan S.1 Year
Alvochino R.1 Year
Jermaine L.1 Year
Rayshard K.1 Year
Clarence D.1 Year
Ricardo B.1 Year
Dominic W.1 Year
Nathan J.1 Year
Corey R.1 Year
Joseph K.1 Year