December 2015 Driver Safety Awards

Safety Awards

Please help me congratulate and recognize all of the drivers who received a Safe Driver Award for December 2015. To receive the award, a driver must go a minimum of 1 year without an accident, cargo claim or work place injury.  

Driver Consecutive Years Without Cargo Claim, Accident or Work Place Injury  
Tom Little 5 years
Chris McGee 5 years
James Morris 3 years
Kenjuan Brice 2 years
Timothy Wilson 2 years
Timothy Brown 2 years
Robert Hallman 2 years
Ismail Williams 2 years
James Pippen 1 year
Garry Hampton 1 year
Reid Gunwaldsen 1 year
James Clegg 1 year
Jerry Lotts 1 year
Bruce Brown 1 year
Gerald Heckthorne 1 year
Udo Sosnowski 1 year
Robert Futrell 1 year
William Jordan 1 year
Douglas Nixon 1 year
Charlie O’Brein 1 year
Harold Young 1 year
Michael Adams 1 year
Steve Shawley 1 year
Jacob Cunningham 1 year
Michael Story 1 year