Drive Cam — Coachable Behaviors



Handheld Cellphones

It is against federal regulations for CMV drivers to hold or operate a handheld cellular device. Drivers MUST use a hands free device – a Bluetooth headset. Using a handheld cell phone can cost the driver $2,750 and can cost his company up to $11,000. Even responding to a quick text is strictly prohibited. This actually qualifies as a “Serious Traffic Violation” which means that repeat offenses can result in a suspended CDL.


This violation carries 7 severity points, which amounts to 21 points with its time-weight. Use of a seatbelt should be standard protocol for drivers. The top strap should be across your shoulder, not under your arm. If you put it under your arm, you are subject to this ticket.

Following Too Close

This is specifically calculated based on your speed and your distance from the vehicle ahead of you. As a professional driver, you need to maintain 7 seconds of following distance, with an eye-lead time of 15 seconds. This means you should be scanning the road conditions as far as you can see, and maintaining enough distance to completely stop your vehicle, should the one ahead of you hit a wall.


Speeding violations and speeding tickets cost drivers and their companies dearly. Always be mindful of your speed and do not concern yourself with any motorists behind you. These violations hit our Unsafe Driving score and stay on your record for a minimum of 3 years.

Obstructing the Interior Lens

The interior lens is equally as important as the forward facing lens. This view shows whether or not our driver contributed to the event in question. If the sun is directly in your eyes, or you’re on your break time, then feel free to pull down your sun visor. But in the case of an event where a sun visor is unwarranted, a plaintiff’s attorney can claim you are hiding something you’re doing wrong, which we can’t dispute without video. Again, video proof that you’re doing your job lawfully is the best defense we can offer. We know you do a great job – don’t be afraid to show it!

Miscellaneous Judgment Errors

This is an all-encompassing category. If a driver is day dreaming, deeply involved in a phone conversation, or otherwise driving subconsciously, then his coachable behavior falls into this category. As a professional driver, you cannot risk falling into the category of Judgment Errors.

We welcome all thoughts from drivers regarding coachable behaviors corrected through Drive Cam events.