Drive For Gold — Earn Points & Redeem Merchandise


010716-Drive for Gold

Your One-Stop Shop

P&S Transportation implemented the Drive for Gold program in the Fall of 2012. Drive for Gold has been very successful as a multi-purpose web portal for drivers to utilize.  Drive for Gold gives flatbed drivers access to rewards, required training, and company leaderboards at the touch of a mouse.  This greatly reduces the need to send drivers out of route just to pick up merchandise in person.


You can purchase merchandise of all sorts, including P&S logo merchandise such as t-shirts, hats and jackets, using points you have accrued.  You earn points for watching videos, taking surveys, getting good log audits, customer compliments, birthdays, and many other things.  The goal – involvement in training.  Most merchandise can be shipped directly out.

Flatbed Driver Training Videos and Surveys

P&S Transportation also utilizes Drive for Gold as a place for flatbed drivers to watch quarterly safety videos, training videos for corrective action, and take surveys and quizzes.  Drivers are awarded points for each activity they participate in, and the information obtained from surveys is analyzed by a third party company and compiled into valuable studies.

Company Leaderboards and Announcements

Drive for Gold is a great place to see the company leaderboards, the current driver of the month, and other revolving awards.  It is also a reliable source for company announcements.

Staying involved with Drive for Gold, watching safety videos and taking quizzes is one of the best things a P&S flatbed driver can do to ensure that he is ahead of the game, on top of current news and aware of pertinent fleet-wide talking points.  Many drivers use their Drive for Gold accounts to help with Christmas shopping, birthdays, as well as other special occasions.

As a Safety-First P&S flatbed driver, we welcome your thoughts below on anything you have learned through the Drive for Gold program.