February 2021 — Flatbed Driver of the Month

Driver of the Month

Robert E. has been selected as P&S Transportation’s February 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month!

Robert is a driver and a trainer with P&S Transportation and has been on board with us since September 2019. He is an incredible asset to the company. He has a violation-free safety record with P&S Transportation and has already received a 1 Year Safety Award. Robert has also participated in many additional training programs with P&S, including Smith System training and Simulator training. Robert does an exemplary job in everything he does, and here are a few of the nominations sent in on his behalf.

“Bob is always on time. He teaches all of his student drivers the proper use of the Qualcomm, including how to do arrival and departure calls, and he also teaches them about EFS checks. It’s a pleasure to have one of his students assigned to my board after Bob is done training them.” – Albert K., Driver Manager

“Driver Bob E. did something above and beyond the call of duty last week. An injured driver was on last week’s injury call. He stated that Bob came up and told him to get in his truck and relax after the injury. Bob secured the load to the trailer and then pulled the load forward and tarped it as well. The driver only had to drive it to the delivery. Bob said to me, after I called him, that’s what we are supposed to do when a driver is in need. He is deserving of this nomination.” – Odis M., Regional Safety Manager, Northeast

“Robert is also an Air Force Veteran who takes pride in his work, his appearance and his truck. He has been a road trainer for us for over a year now. He is the Swiss Army Knife of drivers. He can work with any trainee we put with him and he is the constant professional. His trainees usually become his friends for life. He is a pleasure to have working with us and he openly brags to other drivers about being a trainer and a driver for P&S Transportation. He is someone we are very proud of.” – Ray H., Safety Manager

Please help us congratulate Robert E. on being awarded with P&S Transportation’s February 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month!

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