Albert Powell — July 2015

Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Albert Powell for receiving the P&S Flatbed Driver of the Month Award for July 2015.

Albert Powell was nominated by his driver manager. She referred to Albert as a “sweet and caring gentleman who is easy to work with”. “If Albert is unsure about something, he calls in to safety immediately. He believes in safety and the safety of others”. His driver manager went on to say that “he is someone that I truly look up to and a role model professional. No matter what, I can always count on him.”

Albert has been employed since 1998 and has been accident free this entire time. He is also routinely receiving perfect log audits and clean roadside inspections. His success with safety is due to his attitude and willingness to participate in all safety training. Albert has completed simulator training and has accumulated nearly 500,000 points in the Drive For Gold program. He has a desire to be successful and it is shown when you review his record.

Albert, we appreciate all of your efforts and are glad you are representing P&S Transportation.

If you would like to congratulate Albert, feel free to email him at