Daniel Ryan — October 2016


Congratulations to Daniel Ryan for receiving the P&S Transportation Flatbed Driver of the Month Award for October 2016.

Daniel was hired as a company driver in April 2013. He has worked his way into a lease purchase plan and has been very successful here at P&S. Daniel always places safety first. He takes advantage of safety training both online and through the simulator scenarios. Daniel was also a volunteer for electronic logs when P&S first started to convert drivers over to this system. Recently, he was awarded a 3-year safety award for his performance and dedication to safety.

The nomination for Driver of the Month came from his driver manager, stating, “Daniel is an LP driver who has been with the company since 04/23/2013. He is a very safe driver who takes great care of the tractor, trailer and all the equipment. He’s a very courteous driver and a great representative of this company. He is very consistent and never late for a pick up or delivery. I believe he would be an excellent candidate for Driver of the Month.”

Please help me in congratulating Daniel on receiving this award by emailing him at gofess1@yahoo.com and telling him great job when you see him!

Keep up the great work, Daniel.