February 2020


Jose M. has been selected as P&S Transportation’s February 2020 Flatbed Driver of the Month!

Jose has been a valued driver for P&S since January 2016, and has an excellent safety record with us. Just this January he received a 4-year safety award for having no accidents, injuries or cargo claims. Jose has never received a roadside violation while employed at P&S, giving him a perfect CSA score of 0 points! Jose is trained in Smith System defensive driving techniques, which he utilizes consistently. Jose has also participated in our Simulator training where he excelled in the scenarios he was given. And lastly, Jose stays involved and current on his Drive for Gold training at all times as well. Several of the office team members in Jose’s home terminal of Elizabeth, NJ spoke up for his nomination and we are happy to share all that they had to say about him!

“Driver Jose M. is my nomination for driver of the month. He has just received an award for continuous safety involvement for multiple years. He has never received any tickets for roadside inspections while here. He has always been very intensive in making sure his loads are fully secured, even double-checking them when he comes back to the yard after his post-trips. He also helps other drivers with securement needs. He is a very reliable driver who almost never misses a day’s work and is a model driver for P&S to recognize. He is the definition of what we ask of our drivers: Drive Safe, Be On Time, and Work Every Day.” – Dhillon S., driver manager.

“I second Jose’s nomination. I just took over as his DM and he has been very pleasant to work with. I have no doubt that when he picks up a load he will get it to the consignee on time and in a safe manner.” – Michael S., driver manager.

“I’d like to add… Jose is always willing to help here at the terminal [in Elizabeth, NJ] also. Just recently, we had a damaged load from a former driver. Jose took the time to come over and help us re-tarp the load. He even had another tarp that he supplied to ensure the load would not get further damaged. And I have to say it looked like a Christmas present when he was done tarping. He is well deserving of Driver of the Month.” – Don F., Supervisor of Driver Managers, Elizabeth, NJ terminal.

Please help us congratulate Jose M. on receiving February 2020 Flatbed Driver of the Month!