Richard Grimm — May 2016

Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Richard Grimm for receiving the P&S Transportation Flatbed Driver of the Month Award for May 2016.

Richard was nominated by his driver manager and one of our 3PL employees. In the nomination, it described how Richard helped secure business for PS Logistics, which has benefited the company and multiple drivers. The nominations included the following statements about Richard, “Richard performed this job with a combination of personal and professional attitude that exceeded the shipper’s expectations and made it pleasurable and profitable for employees of P&S, MTB, NST and Blair.  Richard’s efforts in all phases of the onsite driver were met; preloading trailers, inspecting the trailers’ pool, requesting repairs to trailer pool, inventory control of trailer supplies, arriving on time for local and regional freight.”

Examples of his attitude toward the job:

1. Inspecting  trailer and tarps inventory so the drivers drop and hook at customer would be road ready.
2. When Richard was in line to load or simply waiting, he would assist the P&S, MTB, NST or Blair drivers in securing their load and tarp.
3.  Richard was asked to extend his time away from home to “cover” while a new driver was en route to customer and although he wanted to be home, he stayed on to service the customer.

The highest praise comes from the customer staff and the Sellers onsite manager in this form, “Wish he lived around the customer location so Richard would be our driver every day. We hate to lose him”.

If you would like to join us in congratulating Richard, feel free to send an email to his driver manager, Josh Weston.