Robert Thompson — July 2018


Congratulations to Robert Thompson for receiving the P&S Flatbed Driver of the Month Award for July 2018.

Robert has been working with P&S Transportation since April 2018. He was nominated by his driver manager. She stated: “Although Robert was just hired in April, he has proven to be one heck of a driver. He never complains, even when he has the right to do so. He will travel anywhere and take any load. Robert is very safety conscious and likes his equipment in tip-top shape. He takes his pre-trips and post-trips very seriously. He is mindful of his surroundings and the traffic around him. Robert is one of the best drivers I’ve had while working in this industry. The thing I like the most about him is his positive attitude and outlook on life. Every morning he checks in with a cheerful voice and a corny joke that I have to laugh at. He takes pride in his job and has my respect.”

We are excited that he joined the P&S Transportation family. Please feel free to reach out to Robert and congratulate him at