Thomas Engel — September 2018


Congratulations to Thomas Engel for receiving the P&S Flatbed Driver of the Month Award for September 2018.

Thomas has been part of the P&S family since February 2015. This driver started as a company driver but is now working as a lease operator on a dedicated lane.

The driver manager’s nomination stated: “ Mr. Engel is a dedicated driver servicing USG / Danville five days a week. He runs backhauls 4 to 5 times a week to earn additional revenue. Having a dedicated route and running steady backhauls takes a very professional driver on many levels. Mr. Engle has never been late and/or missed loads for his dedicated route and the same for the backhauls given to him.” In addition to this driver’s operational excellence, Thomas has zero CSA points that count against P&S Transportation and recently received a safety award in February 2018.

Please help us in congratulating Thomas Engel on receiving this award. We appreciate all of his efforts to be successful and to represent P&S Transportation as a professional driver. If you wish to congratulate Thomas, you can do so at