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Preventing Violations – How You Can Help

It is always costly when a driver receives roadside violations for Hours of Service. There are many different ways we can prevent these violations. While it starts with the drivers, the truth is that compliance is a collective effort across multiple departments at P&S Transportation. It begins with understanding the regulations, then requires that drivers remain compliant with them, and finally, it is important to maintain accountability after violations are discovered. Below is a breakdown of how you can help prevent Hours of Service violations, no matter what your role at P&S Transportation is.


  • Plan your trips. This requires communication with your Driver Manager, and occasionally, rescheduling appointment times.
  • Keep your log books current.
  • If you’re in doubt about the regulations, utilize the Safety department.
  • Review your logs every night for neatness, compliance and accuracy. Do not get in a hurry.


  • Communicate with drivers about their available hours and mandatory rest breaks.
  • Utilize the Feasibility feature. This is a very good indicator of whether a driver should be assigned to the load.
  • Use every opportunity that you speak with the driver to ask if he/she has updated their log books. It seems small, but repetition is key.


  • Encourage drivers to get involved in Safety. This is DFG, Safety Videos, Inspection Lanes, Safety devices installed in trucks, the Simulator, Smith System, and much more.
  • Reward a job well done. Congratulating a driver on a clean inspection with both a phone call and DFG points is a personal reminder that compliance matters.
  • Maintain accountability when violations are received.

At P&S Transportation compliance is everyone’s responsibility, not just the driver. Feel free to contribute your thoughts below on any additional ways in which you help P&S prevent violations over the road.