January 2023 Driver Safety Awards


Congratulations to all of the drivers who received a Safe Driver Award for January 2023. These drivers and the consecutive years that these drivers have received this award are listed below. To receive the award, a driver must go a minimum of 1 year without an accident, cargo claim or loss time – work place injury.  

DriverConsecutive Years Without Cargo Claim, Accident or Work Place Injury
Marcus C.25 Years
Donald M.25 Years
Brian N..10 Years
Michael D.8 Years
Walter J.8 Years
Andre B.7 Years
Jose M.7 Years
Curtis L.6 Years
Stevie V.5 Years
Elix R.5 Years
Michael C.5 Years
Cecil D.5 Years
Matthew R.5 Years
Melvin W.5 Years
Carlton L.4 Years
Michael G.4 Years
Norris R.4 Years
Marlon S.4 Years
John N.4 Years
Danny G.4 Years
Timothy H.4 Years
James L.4 Years
Preston J.4 Years
Chuck L.4 Years
Damon S.4 Years
Jamol P.4 Years
Jackie McC.3 Years
Carroll A.3 Years
Joe L.3 Years
Therrance M-P3 Years
Clinton T.3 Years
Gregory R.3 Years
Enrique A.3 Years
Sergio L.3 Years
Billy H.3 Years
Stanley H.3 Years
Brian T.3 Years
Shane C.3 Years
Lamonte H.3 Years
Ronald S.3 Years
Nathaniel B.2 Years
Jonathan P.2 Years
Nestor P.2 Years
Arnold S.2 Years
Ronald H.2 Years
Vladimir S-M.2 Years
Eric F.2 Years
Rodney T.2 Years
Alexander T.2 Years
Brandon C.2 Years
Charles D.2 Years
Steve T.2 Years
Vernon R.1 Year
Reginald W.1 Year
Stanley E.1 Year
Marco H.1 Year  
Jamie N.1 Year
Charles M.1 Year
James D.1 Year
Allen R.1 Year
Charles W.1 Year
Fenwicht E.1 Year
Demarcus H.1 Year  
Joseph H.1 Year
Derrick P.1 Year
Jamarcus F.1 Year
Lakendrick B.1 Year
Qmeshia J.1 Year
Dedray F.1 Year
Keith J.1 Year
Douglas H.1 Year
Anthony E.1 Year
Desmond C.1 Year
Travis C.1 Year