January 2024 Driver of the Month


Congratulations to P&S Transportation’s January 2024 Driver of the Month, Claude “Sonny” B.! Sonny has been employed with P&S since July of 2023 and has done an outstanding job with us. He regularly has great internal log audits, is helpful, and goes above and beyond every day.

Sonny’s driver manager Nick said, “Sonny has been nothing but a great driver for me since he came onto my board. The month of January, though, he showed what he truly has in him. He ran coast to coast two times, accumulating over 10,000 miles and close to $25,000 in revenue to the truck. Sonny is always open to helping us out when needed and is very good about letting me know of any issues, whether they be safety or operations related. Also, he will be becoming a trainer for us after he completes the Train the Trainer course next week.”

Congratulations, Sonny! We appreciate you!