July 2022 Driver Safety Awards


Congratulations to all our drivers who received a Safe Driver Award for July 2022. To receive the award, a driver must go a minimum of 1 year without an accident, cargo claim or loss time, or  work place injury.  

Albert P24 Years
Kippy C21 Years
Mitchel McK13 Years
Dizon B10 Years
Ricky M10 Years
Gerald T8 Years
Moses T8 Years
Kendall R5 Years
Stephen S5 Years
Kelvin W5 Years
Gary M5 Years
Weston S4 Years
Ryan J4 Years
Gary C4 Years
Dale McG3 Years
Morris R3 Years
Sammy R2 Years
Marcus G2 Years
James T2 Years
Joshua M2 Years
Antilo C2 Years
Jamel R2 Years
Joe P2 Years
Mark S2 Years
Antoine A2 Years
Bruce M2 Years
Justin H2 Years
Montoria H2 Years
Ronald M2 Years
Kyle M2 Years
Aymane F2 Years
Maurice McL2 Years
Luke S2 Years
Joe T2 Years
Cortez H2 Years
Mckinley P2 Years
James H2 Years
Rekeno W2 Years
Doyle R2 Years
Navin S1 Year
Curtis J1 Year
Uwe K1 Year
Christopher S1 Year
Darryl P1 Year
Daniel R1 Year
Franchasca H1 Year
Kristoff N1 Year
Richard S1 Year
Francisco C A1 Year
Tadarian F1 Year
Nicholas W1 Year
James M1 Year  
Dennis A1 Year
Jeffrey K, II 1 Year  
Trevarisse H1 Year
Mike K1 Year
Dalandon C1 Year
Tyrone C1 Year
Terrell F1 Year
Marvin F1 Year
Daniel W1 Year
Courtney H1 Year
Joe R1 Year
Roy H1 Year