June 2022 Safety Awards


Congratulations to all our drivers who received a Safe Driver Award for June 2022. To receive the award, a driver must go a minimum of 1 year without an accident, cargo claim or loss time, or  work place injury.  

DriverConsecutive Years Without Cargo Claim, Accident or Work Place Injury
Michael K21 Years
Arnold P14 Years
Robert J12 Years
Christopher W9 Years
Jimmy D8 Years
Bobby W7 Years
Eddie R7 Years
Roderick C6 Years
Frederick P5 Years
Christopher B5 Years
Raymond W5 Years
Johnny S5 Years
Patrick P4 Years
Jody E4 Years
David 4 Years
Kendrick R4 Years
Roman C3 Years
Darrick B3 Years
Randall L3 Years
Michael M3 Years
Mark S3 Years
Matt E3 Years
Johnny B3 Years
James B3 Years
Shawn B3 Years
Gary D3 Years
Ross C3 Years
James C3 Years
Nigel H3 Years
Stephen F3 Years
Larry F3 Years
Michael U2 Years
Albert A2 Years
Antoine M2 Years
Kyle N2 Years
Rodolfo M2 Years
Dale A2 Years
Richard S2 Years
Anthony J2 Years
Ernest H2 Years
Willie G1 Year
Bryan R1 Year
Tommy P1 Year
Travis S1 Year
Terry C1 Year
Daniel P-M1 Year
Mouhamadou F1 Year
Seth W1 Year
Cyril J1 Year
Nalsi C1 Year
Marquis H1 Year
Camron H1 Year
Steven R1 Year
Robert G1 Year
Victor G1 Year
Joseph B1 Year
Sean H1 Year
Tracy S1 Year
Robert H1 Year
Jamaal D1 Year
Jaylon R1 Year
Jacob R1 Year
Steven R1 Year
Jose M1 Year
Ronald 1 Year
Randy 1 Year