Loudon County Trucking – ALCOA Tier II Carrier Of The Year 2015


Date: January 28, 2016

Subject: Alcoa Announces 2015 Tier Two Carrier of the Year for Flatbed

Alcoa is pleased to announce the winners of our 2015 Tier Two Carrier-of-the-Year for flatbed service.

Tier Two Flatbed Carrier of the Year:
Loudon County Trucking, Loudon, TN

Loudon County Trucking, a PS Logistics Company, will be invited to attend our core carrier awards dinner in Knoxville where they will receive recognition from our location representatives and the GBS Transportation Team for winning the overall competition.  In addition, they will be included in our release to the press announcing the outcome of the award event.

GBS Transportation has been very pleased with the effort invested in this program by all of our Tier Two carriers.  Our Tier One and Tier Two core carrier business model continues to position the 21 carriers that participate in these programs to carry approximately 70% of the truckload business we executed through Best Transport in 2015.   You are among Alcoa’s most valued carriers and we appreciate your interest in our business, as well as your dedication to operate safely and efficiently on our behalf.

Congratulations to Loudon County Trucking!