March 2016 — Driver Safety Awards

Safety Awards

Safety Awards – March. 2016

 Please help me congratulate and recognize all of the drivers who received a Safe Driver Awards for March 2016. These drivers are noted below and the consecutive years that these drivers have received this award are also noted. To receive the award , a driver must go a minimum of 1 year without an accident, cargo claim or work place injury

Driver Consecutive Years Without Cargo Claim, Accident or Work Place Injury  
Donald Edwards 12 years
Travis Barksdale 10 years
Rick Melvin 9 years
Briant Puryear 8 years
Dennis Aldrich 8 years
Ricardo Johnson 7 years
Leon Cannon 6 years
Jerry Culpepper 6 years
Randall Ison 5 years
Jonathan Lewis 5 years
Dave Judd 3 years
Michael Hansen 3 years
Keith Lee 3 years
Percy Thurman 3 years
Jessie Brown 2 years
Gregory Robinson 2 years
Joe Brockman 2 years
Juan Garabote 2 years
Donnie Rowe Jr. 2 years
Edmond Vanhoye 2 years
Gary Kuykendall 2 years
William Keith 2 years
Jeffrey Townes 2 years
Carthel MCullough Jr. 2 years
Antilo Coleman 1 year
Gregory Brogdon 1 year
Carroll White 1 year
Titus Fireall 1 year
Joseph Benson 1 year
Odai Webb 1 year
Jeffrey Cambron 1 year
Terry Leach 1 year
David Marbel 1 year
Shawn Thomas 1 year
Joshua Williams 1 year
Simon Anderson 1 year
James Boschert 1 year
Ricky Butler 1 year
James Fields 1 year
Bryant Waters 1 year
Cohen Hall 1 year
Lariston Morris 1 year
Brian Vester 1 year
Tommy Walker 1 year
James Dulles 1 year
Ronald Ray 1 year
Christopher Smith 1 year