March 2021 — Flatbed Driver of the Month

Driver of the Month

Bruce C. has been selected as P&S Transportation’s March 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month!

Bruce has been a driver with P&S since July 2018, and has been a part of the P&S family since more than a decade prior to that. Bruce drove for P&S Transportation for four years, from 2007 to 2011 as well. Much of our office team across many different departments know Bruce and most can offer a story or two from having met him. He regularly coordinates with our maintenance department to ensure that his truck is always in road-worthy condition before he begins his trips, and he is well known for his diligence with preventing roadside violations.

Bruce’s Driver Manager, Logan L., out of our Birmingham, AL terminal, had this to say when nominating Bruce for Driver of the Month: “Bruce is by the book. His main goals are what we preach, which are to get from point A to point B safely and to communicate. Bruce goes above and beyond with both of these. As time-consuming as it is, he will not move the truck until he knows that his load is secure, legal, and will keep himself and others on the road safe. To hit on communication, Bruce is always keeping everyone around in the loop on what is going on. He shares any issues he has with me, and also gives positive recognition when he sees it. He is an old-school driver who deeply cares about his job and his company, as well as his fellow drivers.”

Please help us congratulate Bruce C. on being awarded with P&S Transportation’s March 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month!

Flatbed Driver of the Month MARCH 2021