Marcus Coleman — November 2014

Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Marcus Coleman for receiving the P&S Transportation Flatbed Driver of the Month Award for November 2014.

Marcus became employed in 1998 with Grayson Mitchell. This driver is approaching a 17 year safety award between the two flatbed companies. We are excited that Marcus is now a part of P&S and representing us as a professional flatbed driver on the road.

Kellye Tedder, Marcus’ driver manager, sent in the following nomination: “I have had the pleasure of working with Marcus for over 16 years. We may fight like family at times but he is a great driver and friend. Anytime I need advice about a certain flatbed load or another driver needs help, I can always count on him. Marcus is very dedicated and always on time. Marcus is a great role model employee.”

If you would like to congratulate Marcus, please send an email to and all messages will be forwarded to him.