May 2021 — Flatbed Driver of the Month

Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Demeccio R., our May 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month.

Demeccio (Rock) has been a driver with P&S Transportation since January 2017, and has done an outstanding job for us. He has received three yearly safety awards in the time he has driven for P&S Transportation. He has participated in a number of training programs offered to him, including customer specific training and Smith System Defensive Driving training, twice. He has never been involved in an accident while at P&S Transportation and regularly has a great internal log audit.

Demeccio’s driver manager, Grey N., had this to say about Demeccio. “For the month of May, Demeccio generated an impressive revenue number, and was home every Friday. He was able to do this by being the first truck empty on Monday morning and delivering on-time throughout the week. I know our planners get excited when they see him coming into their zone because they know he will be on-time wherever they send him. He is not scared to branch out and go to different parts of the country and is always willing to get an extra load in wherever he can. Rock has not been involved in any accidents in the 2 years I have worked with him, and I never hear his name from the safety department, so I know safety is his biggest priority. Drivers like Rock are the backbone of P&S and he will continue to be successful due to his work ethic and obligation to safety.”

Please help us congratulate Demeccio R. on being awarded with P&S Transportation’s May 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month!