MRC Global

Case Studies

The world’s largest supplier of pipes and fittings for the oil and gas industry depends on P&S for on-time delivery.

The customer challenge:

For Houston-based MRC Global, moving pipe to oilfield sites across the country is not just part of the business – it is their whole business. MRC’s customers keep stocks at their worksites to a bare minimum, so reliable on-time delivery is crucial. “Our customers wait till the last minute. When they say ‘get it here,’ they really need the pipe.” says MRC’s Transportation Director.

Meeting those demands is no simple matter, especially given the size and complexity of MRC’s operation. With $5 billion in annual revenue, MRC is the world’s largest industrial distributor of pipes, valves, and fittings for the global oil and gas industry. Formed through the merger of two successful companies, it ships its pipe via flatbed trucks across a complex distribution network. The product originates at MRC plants, third-party producers, MRC’s distribution centers, and MRC branches, and moves from all those locations to customer sites. Shipments involve all the lower 48 states, with loads originating at numerous points in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Utah, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

The P&S solution:

As one of its trusted core carriers, P&S makes it possible for MRC to meet the delivery challenge. MRC gives P&S high marks for on-time pickup and delivery, customer service, uploading PODs, and billing. “They do just about everything and they do a great job,” according to MRC’s Transportation Director. P&S links the MRC regional distribution centers in Houston, California, Wyoming, Indiana and West Virginia, as well as 200 branches across the country and hundreds of third-party yards, vendors, processors and customers’ oilfield locations, handling pipe from ½” diameter to 48” inches or more. This involves both short- and long-haul moves on regular and often irregular routes. “They’re very responsive,” says MRC, “and there are no service or safety issues.”

P&S also helps MRC by managing many of its smaller carriers, on a third-party logistics basis. Because of the large number of pickup and delivery locations they serve, MRC deals with several hundred carriers. To manage this extensive carrier base efficiently, MRC has turned to P&S. “Their service is top-notch; they do an A-plus job on freight we struggle with,” says MRC. “We go through a 3PL so we’re not at risk every day” on transportation compliance issues, MRC adds. “P&S eliminates the risk factor.”

MRC’s relationship with P&S has grown considerably since its start in 2010. “P&S is definitely a long-term partner for us,” confirms MRC. “As the Transportation Director, all I hear is the bad stuff,” he adds, “but P&S delivers great, so I can relax. Their service is A-plus.”

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