Nathan Brown – October 2014

Driver of the Month

Congratulations to Nathan Brown for receiving October’s 2014 Driver of the Month Award. Nathan began his employment in March of 2014. The short time period in which he has been with P&S, he has proven to be a very safe and professional flatbed driver.

Nathan’s driver manager sent the following comments in his nomination: “Nathan Brown started at P&S back in March. Since this time, I have had four customers call in and brag on his professionalism. They always state that he is on time, wearing the proper attire and willing to go the extra mile. Nathan always places safety first. He is a team player and will help out whenever I need him too.”

In addition to the above nomination, Nathan is very involved in our rewards program. He completes all of the safety quizzes and daily safety questions. Nathan routinely receives points for customer compliments and perfect logs.

If you would like to join us in congratulating Nathan, feel free to send him an email to