November 2012: James Bannister

Driver of the Month

Steve Moore and Roger Brawner had this to say about our November Driver of the Month: “Jimmy’s original date of hire before we made the move to P&S in February 2011 was Aug 9, 1990. It’s very rare in today’s market that a driver is loyal and dedicated enough to stay with the same company for 20-plus years. He and Roger Brawner have worked together for many years and do a great job. Jimmy is always our top producer, and actually generated over $30,000 including fuel in total P&S revenue for November. He has been current with his logs and paperwork for the month and no accidents. He has bailed us out on many occasions and is always willing to do what he can to help the greater cause. His wife Donna sometimes rides with him; he races cars on the weekend, is a big Vanderbilt fan and a Titans fan when they are winning.”