November 2019 — Flatbed Driver Safety Award Winners


Congratulations to the drivers below for consecutive years without a cargo claim, an accident or workplace injury. Drivers are awarded during the anniversary month in which they were hired.

Drivers are awarded with Drive For Gold points. Please check your DFG balances!

Driver Years
Ronald Hayes 18 Years
Gregory Lett 8 Years
Kelvin Howard 6 Years
Robert Morales 6 Years
Malford Frazier 5 Years
Rodney Tillman 5 Years
James Wilson 4 Years
Johnathan Meeks 4 Years
Donald Mabe 4 Years
Roy Rice 4 Years
Stephen Ingersoll 3 Years
Milton Andrews 3 Years
Marcus Johnson 3 Years
Michael Wood 3 Years
Antoine Potts 3 Years
James Jerrell Warren 2 Years
Casey Griffith 2 Years
David Sharkey 2 Years
David Dollins 2 Years
Stefano Bogan 2 Years
William Gilmer 2 Years
Kevin Peacock 2 Years
Ryan Sehstedt 2 Years
Odis Helms 2 Years
Sotero Maldonado 2 Years
Shadera Fowler 2 Years
Bright Norfleet 1 Year
Philip Adams 1 Year
Gavin Myers 1 Year
Andrew Tibbs 1 Year
Joseph Kincaid 1 Year
Charles Claburn 1 Year
Christopher Kelley 1 Year
Robert McDaniel 1 Year
Christopher Newell 1 Year
Gary Saunders 1 Year
Willie Davis 1 Year
James Smith 1 Year
John Stapleton 1 Year