November 2021 — Flatbed Driver of the Month

Driver of the Month

P&S Transportation would like to congratulate driver Mike K. with receiving the November 2021 Flatbed Driver of the Month Award!

Mike came on board with P&S during the year 2000 as part of our Grayson Mitchell acquisition and has been a valued member of the P&S family ever since. Mike regularly performs well on internal log audits, he makes timely deliveries, he participates in online training and he has a great attitude about safety. In June of 2021, Mike received an outstanding 20 year flatbed driver safety award! We are so proud to have Mike Knox driving for P&S Transportation.

His driver manager, Tina F., had this to say in nominating him: “Mike has paid off his lease purchase truck. He always puts safety first when it comes to equipment and load securements. If something doesn’t look right on the trailer, he calls me first, then maintenance. He doesn’t like to drop bad equipment for the next driver to pick up. If he ever feels like something is unsafe to haul, he won’t haul it. Mike is a very friendly, respectful driver and never complains or gets out of hand. He will do anything I ask him and take most any load I put on him, and he delivers on time without fail. Mike is working towards retirement and he is one of those drivers you really don’t want to see go anywhere because they don’t make drivers like him often.”

Please help us congratulate Mike K. on this outstanding accomplishment, and if you see him out there, help us thank him for 20 years of safe driving!

Flatbed Driver of the Month, Mike K.