Owens Corning

Case Studies

P&S helps Owens Corning repair the damage of Superstorm Sandy.

The customer challenge:

Based in Toledo, Ohio Owens Corning is a leading producer of residential and commercial building materials. Its approximately $2 billion roofing business serves primarily the residential repair and remodeling markets. Moving roofing shingles from some 14 plants to customer job sites and distribution centers across the country is a challenge under normal conditions. Superstorm Sandy made the challenge much tougher. When the storm made landfall just north of Atlantic City, New Jersey, on October 29, 2012, its hurricane-force winds devastated the coast. Total damages were estimated at $65 billion. Roofs had to be re-shingled, fast. The company needed a new flatbed service to link another Owens Corning plant in Savannah, Georgia quickly and efficiently to the Northeast market.

The P&S solution:

“P&S was able to react quickly, supplying capacity and rates to the affected area and allowing us to serve our customers during this difficult time,” says Amy Mielke of Owens Corning’s Transportation Sourcing Team. “This was a new challenge for P&S employees, as they had to adapt to a new set of customers.”

P&S worked with Owens Corning’s operations team to establish competitive rates to areas not previously served. The carrier expanded its capacity to accommodate the new facility and switched already-established capacity to expanded routes. “They worked extremely well, increasing communication and in some cases making changes in processes and reporting,” adds Mielke. “They succeeded in managing these challenging requirements.”

P&S has been hauling Owens Corning shingles by flatbed truckloads since 2009. It serves Owens Corning facilities in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Memphis, and the Northeast. P&S has been growing and expanding where Owens Corning needs the capacity.

As a result of its overall reliability and positive experiences like the response to Sandy, Owens Corning sees the benefits of working with P&S as a core carrier. P&S offers innovative alternatives to help Owens Corning meet its customer needs. “They are able to supply capacity in tough situations and are loyal to their customer base,” says Mielke.

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