Roadside Blitz June 2 – 4, 2015


History of International Roadcheck

International Roadcheck, now in its 28th year, is the largest targeted enforcement program on commercial motor vehicles in the world, with an average of nearly 17 trucks or buses inspected every minute across North America during a 72 hour period in early June.  An average of 10,000 inspections will take place each time.

Studies show that this enforcement program alone has saved more than 318 lives and 5,840 injuries from occurring.  Many driver, maintenance and cargo securement violations are caught, fixed, and prevented from causing accidents.  This said, there is always a special focus on select areas when these inspections take place.

What To Prepare For

This year, inspectors will primarily be conducting Level 1 Inspections, which is the most thorough.  It is a 37 step procedure that includes an examination of both the flatbed driver and the vehicle.  Drivers will have to provide their license, endorsements, medical card and log books, and will be checked for seatbelt usage and the use of drugs or alcohol.  These are standard procedures with a Level 1 Inspection.

The truck drivers’ vehicles will be primarily inspected for brakes, coupling devices, exhaust system, cargo securement, lights, suspension, tires, and any visible defects.

It is important to spread awareness that this year’s Blitz will put special attention on BRAKES, MEDICAL CARDS AND CARGO SECUREMENT.  It is also important to spread awareness that every driver will need to have received a new INSURANCE CARD, as our insurance policy expires the day before this Blitz begins.

Together, as a team, we can perform exceptionally well during the upcoming Roadside Blitz.  As always, Safety is our number one goal at P&S Transportation.  Thank you for doing your part to ensure we are the safest carrier on the highways!