Robert Pitman – January 2014

Driver of the Month

Robert’s fleet manager nominated him for this award. His fleet manager stated the following: “ Robert is a driver that always communicates, never refused a load and does his best to make operations aware of any problems that he may encounter on the road. He is always concerned about doing the job safely, specifically taking care of his equipment, abiding by federal regulations and protecting other motorist on the road. This driver tries to maximize every day so that his recap works in his favor which in turns works toward more revenue on his truck and a larger paycheck to the driver.”

Robert is considered a young driver in this industry, at 30 years old. He has  lots of success here and has indicated that he is making good money. This is a good sign because we want P&S to be home for all drivers and a place in which they can make a good living. Drivers like Robert are very important to our future and we look forward to long working relationships with all of our drivers that demonstrate the professionalism that Robert does on a daily basis.