September 2022 Driver Safety Awards


Congratulations to all our drivers who received a Safe Driver Award for September 2022. To receive the award, a driver must go a minimum of 1 year without an accident, cargo claim or loss time, or  work place injury.  

DriverConsecutive Years Without Cargo Claim, Accident or Work Place Injury
James W.14 Years
Michael M.14 Years
James W.12 Years
James W.12 Years
Michael S.11 Years
Gil F.11 Years
Bart M.11 Years
Thedie W.9 Years
James A.8 Years
Charles P.7 Years
Daniel S.6 Years
Jermaine McD.6 Years
Jamie P.6 Years
Senior L.5 Years
Patrick P.5 Years
Roy W.5 Years
Eric T.4 Years
Miguel G.4 Years
Joshua N.4 Years
Jonathan B.4 Years
Volvick T.4 Years
Craig H.3 Years
Robert T.3 Years
Jonathan S.3 Years
Abdul Q. P.  3 Years
Carnel T.  3 Years
Allan P.  2 Years
Barry G.2 Years
Ehran G.2 Years
Quinton B.  2 Years
Antwonae M.  2 Years
Ronald C.1 Year
Adam H.  1 Year
Jader R.  1 Year
Dominich C.  1 Year
Steven M.  1 Year
Mert S.  1 Year
Dave L.1 Year
Javoris L.1 Year
James M.1 Year
Daven M.1 Year
Donald H.1 Year
Jerry R.1 Year
Darrell W.1 Year
Lakendric T.1 Year
Ronald S.1 Year
Clayon C.1 Year
Jerry C.1 Year
Terry F.1 Year
Javier J.1 Year
David W.1 Year
Ken D.1 Year
Julian J.1 Year
Wesley S.1 Year