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Why Smart Companies Ship With P&S

Our customers value on-time delivery and hands-on solutions to logistical challenges, as well as easy access to a real decision-maker. Those are exactly the kinds of things P&S focuses on, and why you should ship with P&S. After all, our business grows with our clients’ success. To better satisfy clients, we now offer nationwide flatbed service with well-placed terminals to serve the construction, oil & gas, and steel industries. To help your company ship smarter, talk to us about our expanding logistics and supply chain management services.

Our Services

Providing efficient, flexible flatbed trucking and logistics services.

We specialize in serving customer needs on irregular flatbed routes across the United States. We’re not limited to fixed traffic lanes – P&S delivers long-haul and regional service that no other trucking company can provide. Our network of terminals supports shippers at key locations in the Southeast, Northeast, Central and Western regions. And we can even manage your flatbed product logistics on-site.

Flatbed Freight Transportation

Asset-based transportation, using employee and lease operator drivers on irregular routes. Nationwide service.

Supply Chain Services

Management of transportation and logistics activities, including managing smaller carriers and storage sites.

Freight Brokerage

Matching customer loads with available carrier capacity.

Why P&S?

P&S delivers great. What do you need delivered?

On-time delivery and responsive customer service are our hallmarks. We offer professional and expert flatbed trucking services tailored to your needs. How great is the job we do?

According to an independent survey, 97% of our customers are satisfied with P&S.

Why P&S?

Reasons Customers Choose Us


On-Time Delivery

We know how important it is to deliver your freight on time to a construction site, automotive plant, or oilfield.


Safe Transportation

Our drivers ensure that your products arrive damage-free.


Customer-Friendly Service

Our staff is dedicated to making you happy. Need to re-route freight or change schedule? We do whatever it takes to resolve issues quickly.


Hands-On, Visionary Leaders

Our management team takes a personal interest in every customer. We are there to meet your day-to-day needs and support your long-term growth.

What Our Customers Say

Shipper Testimonials

“They make contingency plans in the middle of the night when there’s an issue.”
Don Alford Operations Coordinator, Consolidated Pipe & Supply
“Easy to deal with; they don’t miss loads.”
Angel Camp Transportation Coordinator, Severstal, LLC