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Why Choose P&S Transportation?

Don't deliver goods. Deliver GREAT.

On-time delivery and responsive customer service are our hallmarks. We offer professional and expert flatbed trucking services tailored to your needs.

Why P&S?

Reasons Customers Choose Us


On-Time Delivery

We know how important it is to deliver your freight on time to a construction site, automotive plant, or oilfield.


Safe Transportation

Our drivers ensure that your products arrive damage-free.


Customer-Friendly Service

Our staff is dedicated to making you happy. Need to re-route freight or change schedule? We do whatever it takes to resolve issues quickly.


Hands-On, Visionary Leaders

Our management team takes a personal interest in every customer. We are there to meet your day-to-day needs and support your long-term growth.

What Our Customers Say

Shipper Testimonials

“Reliable. This is important, because if the truck doesn’t deliver on time, we get charged $400/hour for crane time.”
Rusty Nix Traffic Coordinator, Steel Fab
“Easy to deal with; they don’t miss loads.”
Angel Camp Logistics Supervisor, Steel Dynamics, Inc.
“Management is available 24/7.”
Jeff Hallmark Operations Manager, Consolidated Pipe & Supply