Thank You to Our Flatbed Drivers


Sacrifices a Truck Driver Makes

Being a flatbed truck driver is a very different career choice from any other industry.  As a Driver, you get to travel to more places than most other people will ever see.  You get to see sights, countryside, sunrises and sunsets, and experience the freedom of long stretches of highway.  It seems like a dream job, right?

With a dream job though, comes much sacrifice.  Truck drivers often stay gone from their families for days, sometimes weeks at a time.  They deal with rush hour traffic, closed roads and interstates, inclement weather and poor driving conditions.  They very often deal with discourteous motorists, poor quality and expensive food, and irregular sleeping habits.  Truck drivers may miss important family events and sometimes even holidays.  Truck drivers also routinely give up their Sundays to start driving toward their Monday morning deliveries.

Being a truck driver is certainly not easy, and is sadly one of the less appreciated occupations.  The reality is that nobody would have anything, were it not for a truck driver first.  Truck drivers are a core part of our society.  So we want to hear from you.  What sacrifices have you made for your truck driving job?  How do you balance out those sacrifices and turn them into positives?

Here at P&S Transportation, we want you to know that your sacrifices are greatly appreciated.