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About P&S

About P&S Transportation

Since 2004, P&S Transportation has delivered satisfaction and quality to our customers and our family of drivers and staff. It’s through this ethos we’ve been able to grow over the years and, in turn, seen our clients grow with us. This is part of the reason why we’ve become such a large presence in the truck driving industry.

We Deliver GREAT for Our Truck Drivers and Customers.

P&S Transportation is one of the country’s fastest-growing providers of flatbed truckload transportation and logistics, primarily serving customers in the building materials, oil and natural gas, and steel industries.

We work hard to serve our customers, with on-time delivery and flexible response to changing needs. We deliver critical logistics services around flatbed transportation, solving customer challenges in tough businesses.

Additionally, we work hard to make a challenging job as satisfying as possible for our drivers—our most valuable resource. We treat our drivers with respect as part of the P&S family.

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, P&S specializes in flatbed freight, primarily in irregular route service. Our focus on flatbed trucking, along with our experienced drivers, owner-operators, and staff make us an industry-leader. We use the latest in AI and transportation technology to minimize empty miles, benefiting customers and drivers alike.

Celebrating Our Drivers

As a logistics company, we owe much of our success to our drivers. Hauling freight can be challenging, so we appreciate the hard work our truck drivers put in to make sure companies get their deliveries on time. It’s why we treat our drivers the best.

We want our truck drivers to be satisfied, which is why we offer some of the highest rates of pay in the industry. We also supply only the highest quality equipment, trucks, and training to confirm our drivers will be safe on the road. Additionally, we do our utmost to get our truckers more time at home. It’s for this reason our drivers have stayed with us for so long and continue to help us grow.

Helping Companies Grow with Us

Good logistics practices can make or break modern businesses. It’s more important than most business leaders realize, which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to provide only the best solutions to common logistical problems across the supply chain.

We’ve helped companies revolutionize how they do logistics, providing answers for sourcing channels, storage solutions, and delivery of their products and goods to customers. Just as we continue to grow, we’re dedicated to helping companies up and down the country do the same.

Sensible Logistics Solutions

We have a large number of talented individuals who support our drivers in their work every day by helping solve logistics problems. They help keep our truckers in the loop, updating them on any issues with their routes or changes with the shipment.It is also through our operational and management teams we’ve developed such strong relationships with our customers.


Corporate Overview

P&S Transportation was founded in 2004 as an asset-based trucking company. Today, P&S has broadened its mission to be the best in the flatbed trucking and logistics industry. Our drivers are our #1 asset. Safety always comes first.

What steers our success? A bold mission & vision.

Our Mission: 

To be the best, for our drivers and our customers.

Our Vision:

  • We attract driver-friendly freight from customers willing to pay equitable rates for the best service.
  • We respect the drivers and lease operators who represent us every day at customer sites and on the nation’s highways.
  • We give customers reliable, safe, damage-free, on-time delivery. A promise backed up by our great drivers and our responsive, empowered customer service staffers.
  • Our leaders are accessible to drivers and customers, and dedicated to serving their needs while profitably growing the business.

Our results speak for themselves: satisfied customers trusting us with increasing volumes of freight, along with loyal drivers who consider their P&S work a career, not just a job.

Drive with P&S

A history of industry leadership and success.

P&S Transportation was founded in May 2004 by Robbie Pike and Scott Smith with 20 owner-operators and 35 trailers. A combination of organic growth and strategic mergers and acquisitions have fueled P&S’s meteoric rise in the flatbed landscape, establishing P&S as a transportation and logistics leader in the flatbed industry.

How have we done it? By making our drivers our #1 asset and putting safety first. By hiring and retaining the best people. By applying the leading technology to every aspect of our business. By ensuring that we are always able to be responsive to our clients ever evolving needs, and by adjusting our operations to optimize revenue and profitability.

Follow us on our social channels to see where we go next. If we seem like a good fit for your enterprise or want to learn more, contact us to continue to grow with us!